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Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Are you one of the millions of people who needs to purchase individual health insurance? Perhaps you’re starting your own business, or just left a group health plan, or maybe you want to replace your current individual plan with one that offers more. Nobody knows your insurance needs better than you. The Lawrence D. Share Company offers a wide range of solutions – from conventional plans to lower-cost plans to plans compatible with a Health Savings Account. 

Individual Health Insurance FAQ

Group Health Insurance

The Lawrence D. Share Company understands businesses, especially when it comes to the daily challenges of controlling costs, keeping things simple and providing employee choice in health care benefits. We offer a new generation of consumer friendly healthcare and related benefit programs designed to give your employees the tools and information they need to lead healthier, more productive lives. And for our valued employers, we are helping you to make the most of your health care dollars by offering quality plans with a wide range of affordable pricing options.