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A Tradition of Excellence

A Tradition of Excellence

Professional, respected, and personal - three characteristics of successful members of the medical profession. These attributes are also the foundation on which the Lawrence D. Share Company has been built.

Founded in 1977, the Lawrence D. Share Company has earned a national reputation for providing comprehensive, quality insurance coverage and financial services tailored specifically for individuals in the medical profession. Our clientele includes more than 5,000 physicians and health care professionals throughout the United States.

The key to our continued success is our commitment to building relationships with our clients. We are proud of the reputation we have earned in the medical community for more than 45 years of reliable dedicated service. Our work has also brought us national recognition, earning the members of our firm some of the most prestigious awards in the insurance and financial services industry.

With this expertise, we are able to offer comprehensive financial services that help satisfy the unique personal and professional demands of physicians. The Lawrence D. Share Company can provide suitable products at the most competitive rates available in today’s market. We represent many top-rated carriers with solid insurance products that provide the protection you need.

Every client of the Lawrence D. Share Company has an effective and efficient team poised to help meet their every insurance and financial planning need.

Protecting your Legacy

Protecting your Legacy

Planning for your future, especially when it comes to finances, requires careful consideration and expertise. The Lawrence D. Share Company is equipped to provide just that, with our comprehensive range of financial services covering everything from wealth management to retirement planning. Taking advantage of a complimentary consultation could be a great way to start mapping out your financial goals and strategies.

Our team of financial experts is ready to assist you in planning for your future and achieving your financial goals. Don't hesitate to get in touch today to take the first step towards securing your financial well-being.

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